30 April 2009

Pear Biomimetics

Pear Biomimetics project overview

A research project for the introduction of biomimetics as an architectural design strategy based on Louis Sullivan’s methods for developing botanical forms, digital visualization and Rapid Prototyping techniques.

During the process, I learned NURBS modeling, I improved skills for working on isosurfaces with metaballs, and I came out with an idea of a system of urban development in a high-sloped site.

The project was directed by Dennis Dollens, professor of Architectural Projects 1.1 at the Master in Genetic Architecture, ESARQ – UIC, 2003.

This project has been exhibited in ‘Emergence: Visualization, Parametrics, Manufacturing’ at the H2O Gallery, Barcelona, March 2003; and published in the book: ‘Genetic Architectures / Arquitecturas genéticas’, SITES Books/ESARQ - UIC, Barcelona, 2003.