30 September 2009

Radiolarian Pavilion paper to be published on IJAC

I’m pleased to announce that an academic paper on my participation in the Radiolarian pavilion project developed in RhinoScript at ESARQ - UIC has been accepted for publication in the next issue of the International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC), which is going to be Volume 7, Issue 04, November 2009.

23 September 2009

Radiolarian Egg Pavilion

This is my contribution, done on March for an ongoing research project for a pavilion to hold a sculpture at the Barcelona campus of UIC, where the ESARQ is.

Like the other Radiolarian project, it’s conceived and directed by Alberto T. Estevez, head of the Genetic Architectures research line. It consists of an ovoid-shaped structure also designed as an interpretation of bone structures of Radiolarians. Its design develops a series of irregular hexagonal cells that are repeated in a tessellation of a surface and generate volumes that, following the logic of bone structures, are thickened at nodes forming spikes and leaving rounded holes.

The non-standard geometry outcomes from programming and modeling methods using RhinoScript and the Rhino3DE’s Math Plug-in.

22 September 2009

Connections: Martin B. Henriksen

Martin B. Henriksen was a remarkable student of the Biodigital Architecture Master program at ESARQ – UIC. He made BioDigital Studies, a process blog for showing projects and images of his studies there.