05 October 2009

Connections: Designplaygrounds

Rodrigo Medina is a young designer who experiments and teaches object design, experimental architecture, interactive and generative art. In his site Designplaygrounds and on his blog, he publishes his work developed on RhinoScript, Grasshopper, Processing, among others. It is also interesting to follow his Facebook page and Twitter, where he posts updated relevant links.

I had the opportunity of meeting him personally when I invited him to lecture in the digital fabrication course at ESARQ.

Thanks to Rodrigo for reference me in his sites.

01 October 2009

RhinoScript consulting for fabrication at ESARQ

On March, taking advantage of my stay in Barcelona, I made some RhinoScript consultancies in Affonso Orciuoli’s course about digital fabrication in the Biodigital Architecture Master program at ESARQ. They also had Pablo Baquero and Daniel Wunsch as collaborators. Some contents are posted on the blog CadCam Architectural Approaches.

Thanks to Affonso for inviting me to his course and to Pablo for inviting to the blog.