31 October 2011

E-luminárias Workshop - Florianópolis

On November 23 - 27, I will teach, along with Affonso Orciuoli and Regiane Pupo, the workshop E-luminárias, to apply digital design and fabrication techniques to develop lamp projects that will be produced and exhibited at the brand new InovaLab - Sapiens Parque, Florianópolis.

This is part of a bigger event from ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, that includes a roadshow with conferences and other on-line and on-site activities in different cities, for the implementation of digital design and fabrication technologies in Santa Catarina State.

More information and registration at the official site.

I've also posted a bit more detailed information at Parametricismo.

14 August 2011

Growing a new L-E-G

Since July, Thiago Mundim, Lucas Issey Kodama, Gustavo Utrabo, Juliano Monteiro, Pedro Duschenes and me form the Leaning Experience Group (L-E-G). And for explaining what we are, what better than to quote form our official site:
L-E-G is a design research group based on Learning and Experience. We believe in a continuous and progressive acquisition of knowledge through time and collaboration. The research aims to explore self-organization, complexity and collective intelligence on social, material and biological systems.
Based on Curitiba (Brazil), L-E-G is formed by a young group of professionals inspired on people, society and nature. It doesn’t compromise with any school of arts or architecture, but only with time, technology and human being.
L-E-G has three main objectives: Explore, Learn and Teach. Explore through intensive research, critic analysis and experimentation; Learn through time and collaboration; Teach by making the knowledge available to people through exhibitions, lectures, workshops and papers.
We're already studying and planning some interesting stuff that I'm looking forward to announce here as well.

16 June 2011

AA High-Low Design Workshop São Paulo

From July 11 to 21, 2011, it'll be next AA Visiting School São Paulo titled: High-Low Design Workshop at Centro Cultural FIESP. Here's the release:
The aim of this programme is to rehabilitate environments, populations and materials through the use of innovative computational ecological design and digital fabrication processes. With these tactics we will define a new generation of digital design that employs both high-tech and low-tech strategies. Parametric design generation and digital fabrication techniques will be used to computationally redesign low-tech building strategies, mixing high-tech exper­tise with local labour knowledge. One objective of the workshop is to transform sustainable design strategies so as to bring to ecological design a new aesthetic and social agenda.

This high-tech/low-tech strategy will include environmental registration and mediation, using high-tech agent-controlled computational design and environmental and structural simulation, to design both high-tech and low-tech environmental mediation systems. The workshop will script the calibration of devices to respond to multiple forces – structural and cultural as well as environmental forces. The goal is to create spatial organisations for various programmes, settings and building types, using different structured environmental devices and networking them within larger cultural and ecological systems of the urban setting.

The workshop will be a part of the FILE - Electronic Language International Festival, a yearly forum for avant-garde digital art in the iconic FIESP building. Open to architecture and design profes­sionals and students, the studio-based workshop will include instruction in para­metric modelling, environmental simulation software, Rhino Grasshopper, (including plug-ins GECO, Kanga­roo and Galapagos),  Rhino Python Recursive Iterations,  as well as Processing and Arduino, and digital fabrication proc­esses using laser-cutting and CNC-milling machines to produce design proposals, physical models and one-to-one prototypes. The course will be taught by tutors from the AA School, including Robert Stuart Smith of Kokkugia, Anne Save de Beaurecueil from SUBdV and Sandro Tubertini from Environmental Engineering Agency, BDSP. It will also feature lectures by Brazilian and international architects, urban planners and other specialists.

Source: saopaulo.aaschool.ac.uk

Applications: AA School - Visiting School Application

30 May 2011

On-going Adventure

Is that Zaha? No, is that Ushida Findlay? No, is the on-going project of a workshop that we, at Atelier UM+D, are doing with a bunch of architecture students here in Curitiba.

Is the most complex structure I've work with so far... and is going to be build! (when we solve the assemblage :)

17 March 2011

Update Notes #2

Atelier Utrabo Monteiro - MORF-ING furniture at Aldeia Coworking

Some time has passed and I still don't have too much time to keep up with the posting. At least, I've post some nice things at Parametricismo. They are in Portuguese, but translation services have improved a lot lately. Ether way, here are some quick notes:

Co-working in Curitiba: The first results of the collaboration I'm doing at Atelier UM are finally shown. In December we finished a great interior design project for the first co-working in Curitiba. My participation is focused on the design, fabrication and on-site assembly of two key elements: the now-called: MON-TA tables; and an awesome 27-meter-wide parametric furniture that could be seen as a bookshelf that 'morph' itself to support reading, working, chatting and storage (in some nice lockers).

Final thesis presentations at UniCEUB: On December, 15, the first generation of trained Architects with Grasshopper skills in Brazil has graduated! Eduardo Crosara, Maria Gabriella Nunes, Raquel Barcellos and Rodrigo Cruz dos Santos where participants, along with their professor Beatriz de Abreu e Lima, in a workshop there in Brasilia, and they where kind enough to invite me to most of their thesis presentations including the final one.

Algorithmic Design Techniques at ESARQ: Last week I finished teaching a RhinoScripting seminar in the Master's in Biodigital Architecture at ESARQ - UIC. What a great experience. Since I have to stay in Barcelona for some more days, I'm listening to Neal Leach's seminar which is really good.

AA Rio Design Workshop: I'm invited to teach again in an AA Visiting School workshop, this time from April 5 - 14 in Rio the Janeiro. I'll be one of the Computation Tutors to get participants to produce projects that will fuse carnival's paraphernalia reuse with digital design and fabrication. I struggled a bit to translate the original press release to Portuguese for Parametricismo, and I'm happy to see that other people are reusing the translated text to disseminate the event.

Curso FUPAM: Arquitetura e Projeto na era Digital: A big course I'm going to teach along with some great local professors in Sao Paulo. Digital design and fabrication meets BIM! (waiting for confirmation, for august now).

There is a lot more to come, but I'll have to confirm first... I'll be a pretty busy year!