08 August 2009

Algorithmic Digital-Biomimetic workshop at ESARQ

On March, 2009, I taught along with Dennis Dollens, a workshop on biomimetic strategies of design through algorithmic techniques for the production of architectural design ideas, in the Biodigital Architecture Master program at ESARQ - UIC, Barcelona.

Occurred through a merge of Dennis' studio for Design Biomimetics with my course of Information Systems IV, in with I teach RhinoScript and Grasshopper as algorithmic tools for advanced design techniques. This resulted in a unique chance to provide Master's students with an opportunity to apply technical knowledge to the proposal of ideas to solve, by means of biomimetics, environmental and sustainability issues through the design of architectural skin components capable of being architectural façades or coverings. Models where manufactured in a lasercutter machine, in foam and other materials.

This intensive and compressed workshop resulted in interesting proposals. Some ideas where developed about spider webs, scales, plant cellular structures and neural networks. Proposals for control of natural ventilation, fog catching, thermal isolation, among others where presented. On the images, the works of Filipe Afonso and Mario Soria Aguilar, Camilo Guerrero, Martin B. Henriksen and Aleix Piè Josa (Images copyrighted by their authors).

Thanks to Alberto T. Estévez for allowing this special fusion and taking care of logistics; and to Dennis for working in this great pedagogic experience with me.

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  1. Hello!

    My name is Alexandra, and I've been planning to do a project about fog catchers in Lima, Peru. I would really appreciate it if you could contact my e-mail, and maybe give me some information and details about fog catchers,or sources from who or where I can buy this fog catcher!


    Thank you