24 October 2009

Connections: DigitAG&

This is other special connection with a blog of connections. As Andrea Graziano, the DigitAG& editor says:

My intent, as the name of the blog, is to "tag" or better link what I see around me in the field of digital architectural research without trying to classify or provide guidelines on the merits. I just want to give ideas to those who know the arguments and incentives for research staff who are already interested. This blog is intended to be a container of news "democratically random".
—DigitAG& - what about (English powered by Google Translate)

And is in fact a huge collection of well linked news on digital technologies, people and resources for architecture and design, a most-read blog that reflects the zeitgeist of it. That’s why is been massively follow, also in its Tumbr and Twitter versions.

Thanks to Andrea for his references to me.

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