06 November 2009

‘Rhino3D’ and ‘Gh3D’ as Rhino and Grasshopper Blog Tags

Two months ago, I replied on Twitter to a suggestion from @HDA_Paris for using #Rhino3D and #Gh3D as a hashtags for everything related with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, which triggered various retweets and allowed me to connect with interesting people (maybe those were my 15 minutes at Twitter :-) .

That made me think in something —that surely someone else has though before:
What if we use those Rhino3D and Gh3D also as blog tags?

This way we could avoid confusions in web searches with the .NET/Java server tool and, of course, with the real wildlife animals (I guess that’s why McNeel uses the ‘3d’ suffix in their domain names. The only issue would be to be confused with GamersHell.com, the holders of the gh3d.com domain).

I like to think of this as a small contribution in the direction of interconnecting networks of people with these common interests, as is been expressed in the new blog complexitys, or by arquitextonica when they talk about ser red.

And now that our tweets can be found in web searches it makes even more sense to do it. So, for now on, all my post related with Grasshopper will be tagged Gh3D and if there were cases in which a Rhino tag should be necessary, will be Rhino3D.

In relation to this, I’m also setting a Twitter List @ErnestoBueno/Rhino3D-Gh3D, of people I follow that tweet on those subjects as well.


  1. Nice! Thx for the qoute. Another interesting tag is #genarch...

  2. Yes, you are included in the interesting people I found on Twitter.
    And thanks to you I’m also using #genarch there (and of course, on the Twibe). Sounds a good idea extrapolating this tag too.

  3. Hello Ernesto, great blog. Sorry I'm posting as a comment but I couldn't find contact info for you.

    We noticed you cover Rhino/Grasshopper topics on your site. You may be interested to know about GRAPHISOFT's new Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD live connection tool, which can be trialed for free in beta now: http://www.graphisoft.com/archicad/rhino-grasshopper/

    If you choose to write about it, please let me know because we love to showcase articles about the topic in ARCHICAD's social media channels.

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    Zsolt RENYI
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