12 August 2009

ShiftArray function

All Grasshopper enthusiasts that have follow the software development from earlier stages know the Shift Example, a case-study of the Shift List component (animation copyrighted by Robert McNeel & Associates).

While doing a research project in RhinoScript, I suddenly faced the need for a function like that one in my algorithm and a migration of tools wasn't so viable, so I developed a ShiftArray function that does exactly that in RhinoScript. You just have to input the array for arrList and a shifting factor (as an integer) for s.

08 August 2009

Algorithmic Digital-Biomimetic workshop at ESARQ

On March, 2009, I taught along with Dennis Dollens, a workshop on biomimetic strategies of design through algorithmic techniques for the production of architectural design ideas, in the Biodigital Architecture Master program at ESARQ - UIC, Barcelona.

07 August 2009

RhinoScript lecture at ETSAB

On December, 2008, I did a lecture on NURBS modeling and algorithmic design with RhinoScript as part of a series of lectures from Affonso Orciuoli on digital technologies in architectural design and fabrication in Borja Ferrater's course of Diseño Parametrizado, part of the Proyectos XXI Master program at ETSAB – UPC, Barcelona.

Thanks to Affonso for inviting me to lecture there.