14 August 2011

Growing a new L-E-G

Since July, Thiago Mundim, Lucas Issey Kodama, Gustavo Utrabo, Juliano Monteiro, Pedro Duschenes and me form the Leaning Experience Group (L-E-G). And for explaining what we are, what better than to quote form our official site:
L-E-G is a design research group based on Learning and Experience. We believe in a continuous and progressive acquisition of knowledge through time and collaboration. The research aims to explore self-organization, complexity and collective intelligence on social, material and biological systems.
Based on Curitiba (Brazil), L-E-G is formed by a young group of professionals inspired on people, society and nature. It doesn’t compromise with any school of arts or architecture, but only with time, technology and human being.
L-E-G has three main objectives: Explore, Learn and Teach. Explore through intensive research, critic analysis and experimentation; Learn through time and collaboration; Teach by making the knowledge available to people through exhibitions, lectures, workshops and papers.
We're already studying and planning some interesting stuff that I'm looking forward to announce here as well.

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