11 May 2012

[des]dobrar Installation: Lecture and Opening at UP

On May 16, 2012, at 10:00 AM, we, Atelier UM+D, will have a conference and the opening of our newest interactive installation [des]dobrar, at the Architecture building of the Universidade Positivo campus in Curitiba.

Parametric design and digital fabrication techniques, and electronic systems of sensors and servos controlled with Arduino boards were used in the design and fabrication of this installation that will offer a dynamic and reflexive experience in a circulation space on the university campus. In the lecture, Atelier UM+D’s owners will address these topics in the context of research in the design process, as well as its theoretical basis, on which we are also producing a publication that will see the light soon.

They will present, among other things, a video of an analysis I did for visualizing the reflection rays originated form a person passing thru and triggering the installation movement of reflective pieces. I’m very proud of it and looking forward to share it here.

Update: Besides Parametricismo, we are on the media: Universidade em Curitiba recebe instalação inspirada no movimento.

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