01 May 2009

Considerations and Resources for the Conception of Form in the Architecture of the Digital Age

An essay that claims for the generation and representation of form in architecture, taking into consideration theoretical basements recently reviewed in terms of topology in architecture and one of its modeling resources, the NURBS. A background to the current generative techniques is presented, from manual computation to interpreted programming languages, like RhinoScript, from which it’s shown a stub on the state-of-the-art within this area in architectural design in both professional and academic levels, especially in the Ibero-american region. These demonstrate what resources that have the designers, who are showing a new form of sensitivity in the architecture of the digital age.

Article published in Spanish, in the Brazilian academic magazine PARC - Pesquisa em arquitetura e construção, vol. 1, n. 3. November, 2008.

You can download the original article in PDF from PARC’s site. I’m looking forward to translate it to English and Portuguese, but my web publishing process is on hold.

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