14 May 2009

RhinoScripting workshop at ELISAVA

On April, 2008, I taught, along with Carlos de la Barrera, a workshop named ‘Design by Scripting’ in the Design, Environment and Architecture postgraduate program at ELISAVA Escola de Disseny, Barcelona. We also had Ruther Paullo and Rita Patron as teaching assistants. The results where posted in g.d.e.s.

On a short period, we taught how to develop surfaces with potential to adapt to the environment. The first image of this post is from Fanny Flores, Arturo Leal, Aylin Suárez, Daniel Gómez and Eva Ferradás; an opened, pyramidal cell tissue. The second image is from Camilo Molano, Cesarina Medina, Delia Arce, Ivan Herrera, Mariam Sadedine; a system of hairy units on a closed surface, reusing my helicoidal curves growth algorithm.

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