22 March 2010

Geometrias Complexas e Desenho Paramétrico published in Vitruvius

In February, I published, along with Gonçalo Castro Henriques, an article in the online magazine Vitruvius / Drops about the workshop we taught at SIGraDi 2009, supplemented by a brief theoretical framework for justification, to encourage the dissemination of these issues in the Portuguese-speaking regions.

Article reference:

  • Henriques, G; Bueno, E. "Geometrias Complexas e Desenho Paramétrico" In: Vitruvius / Drops, n. 30. Romano Guerra, Sao Paulo, February, 2010. ISSN: 2175-6716

Available (only in Portuguese) at: http://www.vitruvius.com.br/drops/drops30_08.asp

Thanks to Gonçalo for his great writing and for encouraging to publish.

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