10 June 2010

Results: Territórios de Ambigüidade workshop in Brasilia

Due to the specific theme and schedule, the contents of the workshop Territórios de Ambigüidade - Oficina de Estratégia Avançada de Projeto e Desenho Paramétrico was oriented to morphing, overlaying, grading and other strategies for contrasts negotiation, according to contextual parameters, in many cases at urban scale, but also with special emphasis (at least theoretically) in digital fabrication.

Photos: Beatriz de Abreu e Lima. Mosaic: Ernesto Bueno.

We were fortunate to have among participants Igor Lacroix, an architect who, in his office protoarq, has a 3D printer. He developed a resin prototype (image 2) and polyethylene prototype (image 3) from class exercises.

The fourth image shows the model of Lucas Martino (Photo: Beatriz de Abreu e Lima), on the issue of triangulation and 2D cutting fabrication, executed on paper as an exercise.

The last image belongs to Maria Gabriella Gama, from her graduation project on the lawn of the Esplanada dos Ministérios (Brazilian Ministries Plateau).

Thanks to Beatriz for all the organization. I also thank the MS Desenhos staff for their support in the classroom.


  1. Hi
    I would like to know when will the next course happen. I am an architect form Brasilia and very interested in learning RhinoSoftware.

  2. Dear Ernesto, when I told you that the thematic of the workshop could be based on the ambiguous character of Brasilia’s urban/social conditions, I remember that your prompt was to think about specific digital strategies/tools to help the students with their concepts. Later I found out that those digital strategies were somehow embedded in all projects like a digital translation of ideas. Thanks, Ernesto.
    Beatriz de Abreu e Lima

  3. @Alessandra Mourão: Thanks for your interest. I have various workshop proposals on the table, including something in Brasília, but I can’t tell you for sure yet. I’ll try to announce in advance when the next open event comes.

    @Béa: I’m glad I’d helped. Thank you for your vision and initiative. I wish they were more professors like you.