12 July 2010

Launching Parametricismo

The name Parametricism was coined by Patrik Schumacher in: Parametricism as Style - Parametricist Manifesto, originally presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2008. The idea is being criticized, among other things, because it’s being questioned whether it is valid to continue classifying architecture in styles or trends. Two years have passed and still we haven’t heard many people use the term.

Probably the word Parametricismo won’t be included in Spanish or Portuguese language dictionaries in the near future as well. So I thought it was a good name for a blog in Portuguese on parametric and generative modeling in Architecture and Design.

Thus, the blog formerly known as Design Paramétrico – UP, —born from a workshop I taught at Universidade Positivo, Curitiba— has reborn as Parametricismo to express a more open but still specific web resource about these technologies and methods, with links, news, workshops and other experiences, published mainly in Portuguese, which is unprecedented so far.

I’m already working on it on Twitter and Facebook, and also waiting to confirm some interesting collaborations coming…

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  1. Estimado Ernesto, te felicito por tu labor en este sector, sobretodo la manera como te acercas a este tema, siempre con el máximo cuidado académico, profesional y sobretodo humano. Te espero aquí en Barcelona para un par de workshops, abrazo
    Affonso Orciuoli, Barcelona